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Seed Exercise Physiology offers a specialised telehealth and virtual reality (VR) treatment option for women with endometriosis and pelvic pain.

This service is in association with a recent pilot study we have been involved in with Flinders University – “A Single Session of a Digital Health Tool-delivered Exercise Intervention May Provide Immediate Relief from Pelvic Pain in Women with Endometriosis: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Study”.

Results from the study indicated a single bout of self-managed VR delivered exercise may be as effacious as a single session of supervised telehealth-delivered exercise in providing immediate relief from pelvic pain associated with endometriosis.

telehealth & virtual reality

Telehealth services are offered as 60 minute consultations using the protocol from the study where women will be guided through various lumbopelvic mobility and strengthening exercise plus cardiovascular intervals with various physiological measures tracked throughout.

VR options are offered as a self-management tool where you will be provided with the VR technology to use at home.

These options are great for those living overseas, interstate, rurally, or are time-poor.

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