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Seed Exercise Physiology prescribes female-centred clinical exercise therapy and integrative health care to the unique physiology of women.


Seed Exercise Physiology has comprehensive knowledge about the ways a woman’s body changes during and after pregnancy, and work with your unique pregnancy experience to tailor exercise prescription to your needs.

pelvic floor & prolapse

Seed Exercise Physiology has the knowledge of the pelvic floor muscles, fascia, ligaments, and nerves that play a role in the function. We can help you to get your confidence back with rehab and safe exercises.

Chronic pelvic pain

Treating and supporting women with chronic pelvic pain is a leading specialisation at Seed Exercise Physiology. With Seed, you can expect to experience integrative assessment, clinical exercise therapy, support, advice, and education to help treat pain.

Women's health

Seed Exercise Physiology prescribes specific exercise and women’s wellness advice to help treat, manage, and improve signs and symptoms of the many conditions or diseases that women face.

Menopause & Bone Strength

During menopause, the body goes through changes in hormones, body composition, energy levels, and more. This makes our expertly prescribed exercise therapy one of the best treatments to help with changes and benefit women in a number of ways.

Pain & musculoskeletal

Seed Exercise Physiology can work with patients experiencing acute or chronic pain or musculoskeletal injuries/concerns. We can help by designing exercise around your individual pain experiences, educate you, heal injuries, and work safely around your pain threshold.

eating disorders & excessive exercise

Seed Exercise Physiology can guide and educate you through a regulated and graded treatment plan to help you recover and heal your relationship with food and exercise, creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Chronic disease

Working together with you and your doctor, Seed Exercise Physiology can help by understanding the mechanisms of the disease, medications you may be taking, the effect it has on your mental health, and educate you to help you get up and moving again.


Seed Exercise Physiology has a passion for paediatric and adolescent health. We will create and explore movement patterns designed specifically for your child, to help support their growing body.

Our blog

The Seed Exercise Physiology blog has a number of posts that provide you with advice, guidance and support relating to women’s health conditions and concerns.

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