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Exercise Physiologists have extensive knowledge on the effect of exercise therapy on the human body, providing safe and effective intervention to treat health conditions, prevent disease, rehabilitate, and guide and support your body through any life stage.

We use exercise as medicine!

Seed Exercise Physiology is Adelaide’s leading and specialist women’s health exercise physiology and wellness studio, providing female-centric health care and education.

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About Kiara

I am the Director, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and Women’s Health Practitioner of Seed Exercise Physiology. I have a fiery passion for women’s health which drives me to continually power Seed as a sanctuary for women’s health and education.

After completing my bachelors degree, I quickly realised the lack and need for female specific and specialist health services – this is where Seed begins. I went on to study my masters degree in women’s health medicine to further my knowledge on the female body, allowing me to provide highly educated and innovative care to women.

As well as seeing clients, I have the privilege of teaching at university and am involved in conducting new research in women’s health, endeavouring to do my part in closing the gender data gap. I also hold a place on the South Australian ESSA board, involved in decision making on behalf of exercise professionals in SA.

I emphasise the importance of education, informed decision making, and finding a practitioner who listens to your concerns

So, are you ready to begin your journey with Seed?


How we can help

Women's Health

The female body differs miraculously from our male counterparts, down to every cell in our body – this is why female specific medicine is so important. Using cutting-edge science, clinical exercise, and natural health as a way of bringing healing and support to women, opens up a realm of possibility and positivity to women of all ages.

Saturating Seed in female-centric health care, moving in a bright and airy space, and giving you the luxury of your own time while you’re here, can change the way you experience your health.


The prescription of exercise therapy to paediatrics and adolescents is not the same as fully grown adults. Because children are still developing, they have different physiological responses, need specific requirements to ensure exercise intervention is safe and effective, and special attention paid to the way their brain’s processing and movement patterns are developing. This means expertly prescribed exercise is paramount.

Our blog

The Seed Exercise Physiology blog has a number of posts that provide you with advice, guidance and support relating to women’s health conditions and concerns.

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