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During pregnancy and lactation, the female body endures an array of miraculous physical and emotional changes. The increase in blood volume, changes to the respiratory system, and adjusted levels of hormones are just a few of the ways the female body adapts to nurture her growing baby.

Seed Exercise Physiology has comprehensive knowledge about the ways a woman’s body changes during and after pregnancy, and I work with your unique pregnancy experience to tailor exercise prescription to your needs. Whether it be that you want to continue to exercise safely during your pregnancy, are experiencing pregnancy related pains, or need to rehabilitate your body post-natal, Seed can help!

Exercise during pregnancy


Optimise postural changes and prevent pain (back, SIJ, pelvic girdle, pubic symphysis)


Prevent and rehabilitate pelvic floor issues and pelvic pain


Increase endurance during labour


Decrease the need for medication during labour


Reduces constipation


Prevent and treat Gestational Diabetes


Assist in the development of a healthy placenta


Reduce swelling


Build functional strength and reduce stress on neck and shoulders when carrying your baby

Diastasis Recti
(Abdominal Separation)

Diastasis Recti is the widening and stretching of the linea alba (connective tissue in the middle of the abdomen muscles).

Many women experience Diastasis Recti during and after pregnancy, but can also result from incorrect or excessive pressures inside the abdomen.

Seed Exercise Physiology can assess your degree of Diastasis Recti, evaluate your movements in which you may be causing more stress on the core muscles, and guide you to heal the degree of separation.

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