During menopause, the body goes through changes in hormones,

body composition, energy levels, and more.

This makes exercise therapy one of the best treatments to help with changes

and benefit women in a number of ways:

- Improves sleep and reduction in disturbances

- Improves mood

- Assists in weight control

- Reduced incidence of chronic disease (menopausal women have a

higher risk of experiencing chronic diseases)

- Improved quality of life

- Reduce stress

- Keeps the body fit and able

During and after menopause, bone density and strength is more important

than ever. Bone loading exercise is the best way to improve bone health and

decrease the risk of osteoporotic fractures. Balance, proprioception, and

coordination training is also very important during this time. Expertly prescribed

exercise by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Seed can strengthen and load

bones safely and effectively, to drastically reduce the risk of fractures,

falls, and injuries.

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