Exercise Physiologists have extensive knowledge on the effect of exercise on the human body,

providing safe and effective exercise intervention to treat health conditions,

prevent disease, rehabilitate, and guide and support your body through any life stage.

We use exercise as medicine!


There is a lot about a woman the differs from a man. From skeletal anatomy, physiology,

and hormones, to responses and adaptations to exercise and physical therapy, and specific

phases of the menstrual cycle, and conditions/life stages that only women can face. It is so important to acknowledge the uniqueness of a woman in order to take the right steps to heal, nourish, and flourish. Putting your health first is imperative, and choosing the right health care professional is a major part of this.

Seed Exercise Physiology provides specialist exercise therapy and health advice for women. With passionate and highly educated prescription in the field of women's health, I will work with you to treat, rehabilitate, and optimise your health.


The prescription of exercise therapy to paediatrics and adolescents is not the same as fully grown adults. Because children are still developing, they have different physiological responses, need specific requirements to ensure exercise intervention is safe and effective, and special attention paid to the way their brain's processing and movement patterns are developing. This means expertly prescribed exercise is paramount.


My name is Kiara. I am the Director, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and Women's Health Practitioner of Seed Exercise Physiology. I have a fiery passion for women's health which drives me to continually power Seed as a sanctuary for women's health and education.

I fully invest myself in the health of each unique woman, and have a strong belief in the power of movement, education, and food. My exercise prescription and health education is strongly scientifically and research based, with the remarkable design and differences of the female body at the forefront of my work. I move barefoot with my clients, acknowledge the strength of the mind and body together, and encourage a connection to listen to one's body.


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